Open Year Round!

                          Welcome to Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market


                          Online Market

                          Good News! The Online Market is now open for orders, with pick up for APRIL 25!?Thank you SO MUCH for supporting lol and keeping your dollars in our province!

                          At?the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market, we’ve worked for 33 years to create a lol, sustainable marketplace for our community. The current global pandemic has only increased the need of fresh and nutritious food, and our lol food system and farmers are in need of support.

                          While we continue to operate our market as an essential service, we know that many of our dedited shoppers and vendors aren’t able to attend at this time. For this reason,?we are pleased to introduce a HYBRID market, that offers both on-site shopping and on-line ordering!??That means we?are continuing our market under the nopy (with essential products only), and adding this?ONLINE MARKET option.

                          ORDER AHEAD & PICK UP

                          Our Online Market?system allows?you to?browse a real-time product list from over 35 of our vendors, pre-paying?for your shopping bag?before you head to the market.

                          This means you are able to order ahead, for pick up at the market on market day.?Pickup will be by a drive-through option, or by coming into the nopy for your order, where vendors (both those in the online market, and those not yet online) will be found.

                          ONLINE CONVENIENCE?

                          Our Online?Market system?works on all desktops, tablets, and smartphones.?Ready to order or plan your first shop??Here’s what happens next:

                          • Click?HERE?to go to our Online Market, and register your account. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up.?
                          • Once you register, you’ll be?able to shop on our online store, where you n submit your first order.

                          Our Online Market?is a brand new service for everyone – staff, vendors, and shoppers, alike! While we’re working hard to adjust to changing needs during the COVID-19 crisis, both online and at the market, we ask for your patience as we work out any hiccups in the coming days and weeks.

                          You n pre-order and pre-pay for products that will be available for pickup at the market on the Saturday of that order period?from 10 am to 2 pm.? ?For those who prefer, vendors will also be on site for direct purchasing.

                          Check Back Often
                          More vendors are? adding their products all the time. If you see a producer listed, but their products aren’t online yet, please be patient. We’re all working as quickly as possible.? If you are looking for a producer, but they are not in the Online Market, check our vendor listing for the upcoming market. Those highlighted in green have at least some of their products on the Online Market.

                          Vendors with Online Stores who are not in the Online Market are listed below. You will have to arrange pickup or delivery with them separately:

                          Wildfire Farms (meat)?will also have a booth at the market
                          Zinn Farms (meat)?will also have a booth at the market
                          Watersong Farms (trout) will also have a booth at the market
                          Giguere Honey Farms
                          Patent 5 Distillery (alcohol)
                          Rawnata (paleo snacks)

                          HOW IT WILL WORK:

                          During market hours, you will pick up products in one of three ways: by picking up at a drive-through lotion at the market, by picking up inside the nopy, and/or by purchasing directly from lol producers set up inside the nopy, similar to a regular market, except with reful control of people in and out of the nopy to ensure social distancing.

                          We have always taken the health and safety of our community very seriously. For those who me to the market last week, you know we are continuing to do so. Our goal is to ensure a safe shopping experience, while providing quality products to you directly from our lol producers.

                          Thank you, as always, for being part of our market family. Please continue reading for full information on our measures to make the market as safe as possible in these circumstances.

                          Updated March 27, 2020

                          With increasing concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Manitoba , we take your health and safety very seriously.?At this point, we will keep our farmers’ market open unless otherwise directed by officials, and we encourage everyone to stay healthy, stock up on fresh food and pantry items, and support your lol producers.?Eating freshly prepared, healthy food is one of the best ways to keep our immune systems strong when we need it?most.

                          It is our firm conviction that farmers markets are essential to community food security. Like grocery stores and other food retail outlets, farmers markets serve an essential function as a vital source of fresh vegetables and food staples for our community. Compared to most grocery stores, farmers market produce and prepared foods have a much shorter supply chain and minimal handling from production to market, and the open-air-style setting of our market offers optimal ventilation and sunlight for shopping.?Farmers markets provide direct access to healthy, nutritious foods, while also supporting the livelihoods of lol farmers, food makers, and?chefs.

                          We are proud to serve our community in this important service, and we are monitoring the situation and health advisories closely.?We plan to keep our markets open as an essential source of fresh food, but if at any point we are ordered by a public official to close a farmers market, we will comply and notify our market?community.

                          What We Are?Doing

                          Here are some additional actions we and our market sellers are taking to protect our?community:

                          • As a preutionary measure, we have suspended product sampling?in our farmers markets. While our vendors always follow strict health and safety code regulations for sampling, we believe it is important to err on the side of?ution.
                          • We are communiting with our staff and market vendors?regularly to reinforce?health and safety preutions. We are advising our vendors and staff to stay home if they feel sick, and we are waiving ncellation fees for any vendors who need to?ncel.
                          • We are?providing?a?popup?hand-washing?station?for market shoppers, visitors, and?vendors.
                          • We are?ensuring prepared foods vendors who offer hot meals do so for take home only.
                          • We are posting signage at the market reminding visitors of flu-avoidance etiquette.
                          • We are limiting the number of people entering at any given time.
                          • Many of our vendors are offering pre-order and pre-pay. Please check our vendor page for their contact information. Some are offering to deliver products to your r.
                          • While we love the community gathering aspect of our market, during this time, we request that you pick up the items you need for healthy meals, and not linger.

                          What?You n Do

                          We thank you for supporting our farmers and food makers at the farmers market, and we encourage you to follow common sense health and safety measures to protect yourself and your?community:

                          • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. A washroom is loted at the south side of the market site, and we? will be offering additional hand-washing?stations in the market nopy.
                          • If you are not able to wash your hands, use an alcohol-based sanitizer. We will have hand sanitizer available at the market information booth.
                          • Shop early to avoid the?crowds.
                          • Do not handle?any items you do not intend to buy. Wash your produce?thoroughly.
                          • If you are sick or vulnerable, please stay home and take re of?yourself.
                          • For all the latest information from our provincial government, go here:

                          As always, let’s remember to be kind to one another. Viruses do not target by race or ethnicity, and we are always stronger together in our community in kindness and respect. Farmers’ markets are places ?of nourishment and re, and we firmly believe in the power of community resilience in challenging times. On ocsions like this, it’s especially important to support one another with re and consideration. Thank you all for your part in ensuring our farmers market is a safe, healthy and inclusive space for everyone.

                          As things evolve, we will continue to update this page.? If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


                          ?Did you know:

                          • We are a completely lol market. So when you buy at the market, you are supporting Manitoba producers
                          • All our vendors are inspected to verify they are making, baking and growing their own products
                          • We are Manitoba’s largest farmers’ market with over 200 active members in our cooperative
                          • We started in 1988 with just 8 vendors.


                          Days and Times

                          Winter Markets 2020 – 10 am to 2 pm

                          • Bi-weekly Saturdays
                          • April 18
                          • May 2
                          • May 9 – Mother’s Day Market

                          Summer season 2020 – 8 am to 3 pm

                          • May 16 to Thanksgiving


                          Parking at the Market

                          Please understand that we do not own or manage the parking lot. The parking lot is owned and managed by the St. Norbert Community Centre and the St. Norbert Foundation. Funds raised through the parking lot go to community programming and lot maintenance.

                          • Enter through the St. Norbert Community Centre entrance to find the parking at the east (back) of the market.
                          • Wednesday parking is free
                          • Saturday parking is $2

                          There is considerable street parking near and around the market. Please be reful to not park in front of resident driveways.



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